This class class is open to students ages 16 and up. Barre is fast-paced, hour long workout great for beginners but suitable for intermediate students. Rooted in dance, pilates, and yoga, barre is a full-body workout. Barre fitness incorporates aerobic conditioning, strength training and stretching. The movements are low-impact but the energetic music and pace keeps the class at a high intensity level. This makes the workout great for people interested in both strength and endurance.

dance cardio

A dance fitness class that tones, energizes, and inspires.

power flow yoga

This is a power yoga flow class focused on mindful movement to build strength and flexibility. Many modifications and variations offered to accommodate all levels. Explore more challenging poses and transitions to help discover new depth in your yoga practice.

slow flow yoga

This is a slower paced flow class that includes movement, stretching, and restorative practices to balance body and mind. Connect to your breath to complement your barre workouts, promote muscle recovery, and release stress.